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Our food served locally is guranteed to be fresher, healthier and better tasting due in part to our first class transit time from farm to plate.

Pulled chicken sandwiches

2 Pulled chicken sandwiches.

Pulled lamb sandwiches

2 Pulles lamb sandwiches for $35.00.

Pulled pork sandwiches

2 Pulled pork sandwiches.

Our combo special

Add fries to any of the pulled sandwiches. For to a strawberry/guava buffalo wing combo add $25.00 dollars fries EXCLUDED

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Pulled chicken sandwiches

To make it a combo with fries add $10.00 to any of the pulled sandwiches or to make a strawberry or guava buffalo wing combo add $25.00 dollars fries not in included strawberry buffalo wings with fries $35.00 small.

Loaded Fries

loaded fries top with cheese sauce, mince beef and chicken.

What make
us standing out from

Our food is fresh. The closer food is produced to home, the fresher and tastier it will be.
We provide a variety of locally prepared meals.
Buying locally not only supports farmers buy preserve our farms as well.

Locally grown food creates important economic opportunities,
provides health benefits,
and helps to reduce environmental impact.


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for approximately 7 years

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